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Barkhausen Effect




1.   Sequence the domain movement in the external magnetic field.




A) Growth of the domains parallel to the applied field at the expense of other domains and then the reorientation of the domains themselves.
B) The orientation of the domains and then growth of the domains parallel to the applied field.
C) The orientation of each domain in the applied field.
D) None of these.

2.   In the simulation, what happens to intensity of emf,

A)   When the number of turns increases?
B)   When the south pole of the magnet is brought closer to the rod?
C)   When the bar is removed?


3.   Discuss whether Barkhausen Effect will affect the speaker when a bar magnet is placed near by it.


4.   What are the factors depends on the intensity of sound produced by Barkhausen effect.


5.   Study, how Barkhausen Effect affect the electric circuit.



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