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Ballistic Pendulum




1. A bullet has mass 5g. It is fired with a velocity of 50 ms-1 (g=9.8 ms-2) and strikes on a pendulum of mass 5 kg. Find out the height at which the pendulum is raised.


2. A 0.05 bullet with velocity 140 ms-1 is shot into a 3 kg ballistic pendulum, suspended in the surface of moon. Find how high the pendulum rises after firing the bullet into it.


3. A bullet of mass 10g is fired horizontally into a block of wood of mass 2Kg and suspended like a ballistic pendulum. The bullet sticks in the block and the impact causes it to swing so that its centre of gravity raised by 0.1m. Find the kinetic energy of the bullet.


4. A bullet having a mass 3g is fired into a wooden block having mass 2Kg. The block is attached to a string of length 1m. After firing, the bullet is embedded into the block and it begins to swing. If h=0.27m is the height reached by the block, find the initial speed of the bullet. (Given, g=9.8ms-2)


5. A rifle bullet with mass, m=30g, travelling with a velocity of 240ms-1  collides and is embedded in a block of mass 2.88Kg, which was at rest initially and suspended by a string of length 2m. Find the height reached by the bullet-block combination.

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