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Series LCR Circuits





1)  A series LCR circuit of an inductance of 4 H, a capacitance of 1µF and a resistance of 20 ohms is tuned to resonance by connecting it across a variable frequency AC supply . Calculate the ratio of the voltage across the inductance to that across the resistance.


2)  A series resonant circuit has L= 1.01 henries, C=20µF and R=70 ohms to which an alternating e.m.f of 100 volts is applied. At which frequency of the applied voltage will the circuit be in resonance?


3)  Suppose the circuit parameters in a series RLC circuit are: L = 2.0 μH, C = 20.0 nF , R = 200Ω and the source voltage is 240 V. Determine the resonant frequency of the circuit and the amplitude of the current at resonance.


4)  Design a RLC Bandpass filter with a centre frequency 25 KHz using a 20 mH inductor whose resistance is 75Ω.


5)  Design and simulate a series RLC circuit by choosing C=4nF ,L=10 mH and R=75Ω.Find out the frequency of the circuit at which impedence is minimum.


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