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Series RL Circuits




1. A circuit has an inductance of 1/pi Henry and resistance 2,100 ohms. A supply of 50 cycles AC is applied to it. Calculate the reactance and impedance offered by the circuit.


2.   Construct an electric circuit with inductance of 5 Henry and parallel combination of resistance of 10 Ohm and 25 Ohm as shown in the figure below. If VRMS is 100 Volt, find out the frequency at which the total current through the circuit is 318.2 mA?

Fig: 1

3. Calculate the voltage drop across the resistance R1

Fig: 2

4. What is the power of 25Vac series RL circuit when R= 50 Ω and XL = 1000 Ω ?

5. What are the things will happen if the inductor short out in the given circuit?

Fig: 3


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