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Separation of Compounds Using Column Chromatography




1. You have a sample that is known to be either benzophenone (has a carbonyl plus aromatics) or naphthalene (only aromatics). What is a quick, easy, spectroscopic way to find out?


b.Mass spectroscopy
d.Refractive index


2. p-dichlorobenzene boils at 54-56oC; Cyclohexane boils at 80.7oC; which will elute from a GC column first?

a. Cyclohexane
b. Neither-liquids aren't used in gas chromatography
c. p-dichlorobenzene


3. Which is not a commonly used drying agent?

a. Sodium sulphate
b. Magnesium sulphate
c. Sodium chloride
d. Calcium chloride


4. A modified version of column chromatography is:

a. Flash column chromatography
b. Paper chromatography
c. Thin layer chromatography
d. Gas chromatography



1.(a), 2.(c),  3.(c), 4.(a)

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