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Primary Structure Analysis of a Protein Using ProtParam





Analyze the protein using ProtParam


For details regarding the retrieval of input sequence check the simulator tab.


Go to ProtParam home page using the URL http://www.expasy.org/tools/protparam.html. Give the protein ID (UniProt ID) in the box provided and click on the ‘Compute parameters’ button (figure 1). Also we can provide the copied FASTA sequence from NCBI in the given text area.




 Figure 1: ProtParam home page


If you provide the accession number of a Swiss-Prot/TrEMBL entry, you will be prompted with an intermediary page that allows you to select the portion of the sequence on which you would like to perform the analysis. The choice includes a selection of mature chains or peptides and domains from the Swiss-Prot feature table (which can be chosen by clicking on the positions), as well as the possibility to enter start and end position in two boxes. By default (i.e. if you leave the two boxes empty) the complete sequence will be analyzed (Figure 2).



 Figure 2


The result page is as shown in figure 3.




Figure 3: Result page of ProtParam




  This experiment uses the Protparam tool, available through the ExPASy server: SIB bioinformatics resource portal.







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