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Qualitative Analysis of Carbohydrates




  1. Perform the qualitative analysis of unknown carbohydrates using the biochemical tests and identify the nature of the unknown  carbohydrate. 
  2. In a laboratory experiment, a student was given an unknown compound. After performing the test  for carbohydrate analysis, the student reported the unknown as a reducing aldopentose. Which all tests must have led the student to arrive at this conclusion?
  3. While performing the carbohydrate analysis, one observes that sucrose gives positive result for the seliwanoff's test. Suggest a possible reason for this observation.
  4. If you are performing the carbohydrate analysis with sugar maltose, which all tests will turn out to be positive for maltose. Suggest possible reasons for your answer.
  5. Write a test which helps to differentiate between a disaccharide and a monosaccharide?




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