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Parasitoid-Host Dynamics




The screen shot of the simulator is as shown below.



User Instructions:


The simulator consists of three regions: the simulator's viewable window, the variables menu and the simulation control menu.


The Variables Menu:


The variables menu consists of four sub tabs for the simulation of the parasitoid-host dynamics model. Placing the cursor over these tabs show you the entire title of each model.



User can click on any of these four options and can enter the values for each of the variables to simulate the model. The values shown in the 'Variables' Menu of these three tabs are default values. User can change the values for the parameters according to the data to be tested.


When the user clicks on the ‘Nicholson-Bailey Model’ the variables menu will be shown as follows:



Similarly, the user can select the different tabs and enter the values according to the data to be tested. Each of the four models has its own set of different parameters.


Simulation Control Menu:


These set of buttons are used for controlling the simulation. Simulation control includes: buttons for plotting the graph of different models mentioned and a 'Reset' button, which resets the simulator to the default values.



Viewable Window (Result Display Window):


The simulated values for the parameters are interspersed as graphs in this window.







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