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Parasitoid-Host Dynamics





  1. Perform the simulation of Nicholson-Bailey model with host density dependence.  Start the simulation without the parasitoid and observe the pattern of growth of the host in the absence of its enemy. Then introduce the parasitoid and see what happens to the host population. For example, introduce the parasitoid after 25 years and see what happens to the host population. You can use the default values of other variables, and then modify them in later simulations.
  2. Select different species of parasitoid with different capacities for finding the corn borer (a) and for using it to produce more parasitoids (c). Do the simulation with such different species of parasitoids, and find the best parasitoid that you can within the time that you have. The best parasitoid is the one that keeps its host at the lowest possible density (other than zero) yet does not go extinct itself.







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