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Interspecific Competition and Coexistence




  1. What are the two different types of species interactions within competition? Explain and give examples of each. 
  2. Why must interspecific competition (competition between species within a community) be reduced in order for the stable existence of both species? In ways do species reduce the amount of interspecific competition within communities? 
  3. Consider that there were two coexisting competitors, and for one of the first species ALPHA12 value is given as 2.5. Find out the ALPHA21 value for the second species? 
  4. Species A and Species B are unable to coexist in culture, Species A always winning out. However, if A and B are put into a new culture with another organism, Species C, all three survive. A study of the system shows that C preys on both A and B. How does the addition of another component to this system allow all to coexist? If you can think of several hypotheses, discuss them all.
  5. Which of the following statements is/are true?


                  a.    Competition occurs when the niches of two coexisting species are similar.

                  b.    Competition between two species for a resource can result in the exclusion of one of those species.

                  c.     If niche overlap between two species is reduced, the two species can coexist.

                  d.    All of the above are true.



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