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Wind Turbine - Cp Vs λ


The goal of this experiment is to calculate the Coefficient of Power and tip speed ratio of an actual installed wind turbine.

A horizontal axis wind turbine has been installed in a laboratory setting. The wind is created artificially by a large 3 HP blower fan (approximately 1 meter in diameter), which can be remotely triggered. The user will then be able to see the wind turbine operating through the IP camera. The user will then be able to control the fan and measure the operational parameters of the wind turbine. From this information, the coefficient of performance can be determined.


  1. Go to the "RT" tab in this experiment.
  2. Click the "start" button to start the experiment. 
  3. Initially the "Wind speed " slider is at 8 m/s.
  4. Wait until the graph is plotted. (until then the wind speed slider will be deactivated) 
  5. After that, using the "Wind speed" slider, set a lower wind speed in m/sec, say 7.5m/sec.
  6. Repeat the Step 4 and 5 for different wind speed and observe the changes in the graph.
  7. Click "Stop button to stop to experiment.
  8. Click "Export" button to export the data for further studies.

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