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Wind Tunnel - Angle

After refreshing your theory and equipment knowledge, Please note the experiment availability as in table below. This experiment is AVAILABLE ON SAT/SUN/MON/TUE.

  1. Go to RT tab and click "Click here to start experiment" button in the variable panel. 
  2. Click the "Start" button
  3. Click the"Pitot Calibration" button
  4. Wait till the "Pitot position" in the station status to reach 40mm, only then the "Angle calibration" button will be activated.
  5. Click the "Angle Calibraion" button
  6. The "Set air velocity" slider is activated when "Angle of attack" in station status reaches zero degree.
  7. Start the tunnel by setting a velocity of 15m/s on the "Set air velocity" slider.
  8. Set an angle of attack of 2 degree using the "Angle control" slider 
  9. Observe the loads from the strain balance for Lift and Drag.
  10. The process can be repeated only after ploting the graph (which is after a few seconds). Untill then the "Angle control" slider will be deactivated.
  11. Repeat steps 8 to 10 for 4 deg, 6 deg, 8 deg.
  12. Be aware of stall onset. Don't change the angle higher than advised.
  13. Verify the CL and CD vs. alpha curves with textbook plots. (Rae and Pope, Low Speed Wind Tunnel Testing).
  14. Click the "Stop" button to stop the experiment.

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