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Parabolic Trough -Flow Rate
  1. Go to the "RT" tab in this experiment.
  2. Click the "Start" button to start the automatic tracking, ie., it will position the parabolic trough to the current solar posiiton angle. (obsserve the movement of the trough in the webcam).
  3. Wait till the parabolic trough reaches the current solar anlge.
  4. Then change the flow rate using the "Flow rate" slider.
  5. Wait for some time and observe the changes in "Inlet temperature", "Outlet temperature" and other readings in the station status and the graphs. (Use "select view" drop down menu to see the real time video streaming and the thermal camera images.)
  6. User can further change the flow rate and observe the changes in the inlet and outlet temperatures.
  7. To stop the experiment click the stop button
  8. User can export the data for further verifications.


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