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Beam Theory II



  1.  Click the “Start” button to connect to the device.
  2.  Select the type of view from the top most tab “Graphical view, Webcam1, Webcam2, Webcam3”
  3.  Then click “Calibrate” and wait for a few seconds to plot the stray values (This is done so as to give enough time for the triggering signal.)
  4.  Click “Start Loading”. As the loading proceeds the corresponding graphs are plotted on each sub windows in the page(This mainly depends on the network speed).
  5.  The “Stray Load” and “Actual Load” values are given in the right hand side-bottom end.
  6.  The “Blue Arrow” given shows if the beam is loading or unloading, Down arrow indicates loading and up arrow unloading.
  7.  The Stress vs Strain graphs and the Young’s Modulus graphs can be observed.
  8.  After finishing the experiment(when completely unloaded), the experiment data for strain and young’s modulus is exported to the student PC for further calculations of the theory demonstrated.
  9. Even if the user stops the experiment in between, the beam is automatically loaded back to its start position. The user is then privilaged to use only the export button.


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