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Wireless Sensor Network Data Acquisition, Transmission, and Aggregation
1)A network in which base nodes send data directly to sink are called 

2)In a hierarchical network, intermediate node 

3)Data aggregation is essential in WSN for certain application because 

4)Data aggregation occur in which layer 

5)Data aggregation will enhance the life time of network 

6)In LEACH, the selected cluster head broadcast a message (informs that it is the new CH) to other sensor nodes in the network using protocol 

7) is a process in which intermediate node receives multiple input packets performs aggregation and produce single output packet in the network. 

8)Which type of data aggregation technique is shown in the figure. 

9)Which type of data aggregation technique is shown in the figure.  

10) is the ability to maintain the same time across servers and the computers that are attached to them 


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