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Wireless Sensor Network Data Acquisition, Transmission, and Aggregation



 1) Write a program which contains 10 base nodes, 2 intermediate nodes (cluster heads) and a sink node in which base nodes sense light  intensity using mts310 sensor board at a sensing rate of 10000ms and aggregate(any method) the values at the cluster heads and send it to the sink node. Set a threshold for the light intensity values in the sink node and check whether the value is above or below to that threshold?



2) Write a program for a single hop wireless sensor network in which 5 base nodes sending temperature values using mts310 to a sink node, find the average value at the sink node and blink red LED if it is above 30 degrees and blink green LED if it is below 30 degress?


3) What are the real time applications that are using data aggregation techniques in WSN? With brief explanation how it works?


4)  Explain about different type of data aggregation methods.


5)  What is the Impact of Timing in Data Aggregation?


6) What are the differences between the WSN with and without data aggregation?


7)  What is LEACH? What are the important phases of LEACH? What are the Prons and cons of this protocol?



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