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Michelson's Interferometer- Wavelength of laser beam



  • Using a Michelson interferometer apparatus, find the wavelength of a Krypton laser.


  • In a Michelson interferometer experiment, Helium- Neon light is used. A thin glass film of thickness 0.5 mm is introduced into the path of one of the interfering beams. For an angle of rotation, 10 degrees, it is seen that 10 fringes get displaced. Calculate the refractive index of the glass slide. Given wavelength of He-Ne laser as 5.43E-07 m.


  • In a Michelson interferometer experiment, when the mirror is moved through 5.893x10-5 m, 200 fringes crossed the field of view. Then calculate the wavelength of the monochromatic light used.


  • With the principle of Michelson interferometer, obtain the wavelength of Argon laser.


  • Compute the wavelength of He-Ne laser using Michelson interferometer.




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