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Brewsters Angle determination


Performing the Simulation:


Drag the components from the right panel and place them correctly in the optic bench.


Start : This button enables the user to start the experiment.


Side view/Top view : Using this, different views of the experimental arrangement can be seen.


Choose light : Using this combo box, one can select different lasers.


Choose medium : The medium of different refractive index can be selected using this combo box.


Choose material : Different materials can be selected using this combo box.


Switch on light : The user can make the laser source ON/OFF using this button.


Angle of the polariser : Using this slider, one can change the angle of the polariser from zero to 360 degrees.


Angle of incidence : This slider helps one to change the angle of incidence, which can be varied from zero to 360 degrees.


Reset : The experimental arrangement can be reset using this button.






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