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Magnetic Field Along The Axis of A Circular Coil Carrying Current



1. Consider a circular coil of radius 5cm and having 15 turns. A current of 0.5 A is passed through the coil. Find the magnetic field at a point on the axial line, which is at a distance 10cm from the center of the coil.


2. For a circular coil of 30 turns and diameter 10cm, find the magnetic field at the centre of the coil, if 1A current flows through it. Also obtain the fields at different points on the axial line and verify the Gaussian distribution of magnetic field.


3. For a circular coil experiment, find the distance where the field due to the coil is equal to the horizontal component of Earth’s magnetic field.


4. Calculate the magnetic field at a distance 10cm from the center of a circular coil of 20 turns carrying current. (Take radius of the coil as 5cm).


5. Find the dipole moment density of the given bar magnet (length= 4cm) using circular coil apparatus.



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