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The Study of Phase Change


  • Find the transition time of 20g naphthalene with the surrounding temperature as 30oC.Let the boiling tube has mass 25 g, diameter 2.5 cm and thickness 0.15cm.


  • How much time does 30g of ice takes to melt at a surrounding temperature of -50C. (We are using a boiling tube having mass= 20g, radius=1.5cm, thickness=0.2cm.)


  • In the above experiment, let the surrounding temperature is changed to 0oC. What will be the change in the transition time for ice?


  • Repeat the experiment for different surrounding temperatures and study the variation of melting point of ice.


  • Calculate the melting point of wax having a mass 30g. Let we are using a boiling tube of mass 25g, having a thickness 0.5 cm and radius 1.5 cm.( Choose surrounding temperature as 40oC)




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