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Franck-Hertz Experiment


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Simulator: https://vlab.amrita.edu/repo/PHY/MPY/Frank-Hertz/Franck%20Hertz.swf


Performing the Simulation:


The simulation helps the user to understand the Franck Hertz Experiment concept. Click Display button to set U1 (the grid voltage) then click start button to start the experiment and to show the cross sectional view of the Franck Hertz Apparatus and the Glass tube.


Based on Grid voltage electrons reach the anode plate and inelastic collision with the atoms increases. Click Stop button then change the filament voltage and grid voltage to see the electron emission and collision at each voltage. Set the operating mode to PC by clicking Function button to see the graph. Observe the excitation states of atoms. Select the type of gas to see the excitation states of different gases.


Variable Region:


  1. Filament Voltage Slider : Helps to change the voltage applied to the filament.
  2. Grid Voltage Slider: Helps to change the voltage applied to the grid.
  3. Gas Type Combo Box: Helps to choose the type of gas.


Measurement Region:


  1. Zoomed Region: To see the zoomed view of the apparatus.

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