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Soldering (Remote Trigger)


The following section provides an overview of the modules that are present in the application.


Soldering Controls:

The soldering Controls module consists of features that enable switching the solder gun on or switching it off. This feature is a toggle button enabling the user to choose between either of the control.


Component Toolkit:

The Component toolkit module comprises of a set of components that are needed to be placed on the printed circuit board for soldering. These components include resistors, capacitors and diodes. These components are in the form of buttons. On clicking them and dropping at appropriate points on the PCB, the respective component appears.


Template Selection:

The Template Selection module enables the user to choose the circuit board of his choice from the list of circuits available. For instance, if a user feels he can work on much more challenging circuits, he has an option to choose the appropriate board for his difficulty level.


Printed Circuit Board Layout:

The Printed Circuit Board Layout module is the printed circuit board. The components are placed on the PCB for soldering. This module enables the user to place the components for soldering. In other terms, it is a container for components to be soldered.


Soldering Caution Kit:

The Soldering Caution Kit module has a set of meters that constantly assist the user on his soldering. It comprises of the pressure meter, the tilt meter and the temperature meter. If the pressure goes way beyond the threshold, the meters indicate appropriately to the user regarding the error. He could then re apply the appropriate pressure and continue with soldering. Similarly other meters display and warn the user regarding the respective errors during soldering.


Application Control Kit:

The Application Control Kit consists of buttons that are used to open, save and quit the application.



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