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Hartley Oscillator


  1. Design a Hartley Oscillator for a free-running frequency of 1000 KHz and amplitude of 5V?
  2. The component values of a Hartley oscillator are C=100pF, L1=L2=100μH.Compute its free running frequency?
  3. In a transistorized Hartley oscillator the two inductances are 2mH and 20μH while the frequency is to be changed from 950 kHz to 2050 kHz. Calculate the range over which the capacitor is to be varied?
  4. A Hartley oscillator circuit has L1=L2=100μH.The frequency of oscillations required is 50kHz.Calculate value of the capacitance required.
  5. In a Hartley oscillator, the value of the capacitor in the tuned circuit is 500pF and the two sections of coil have inductances 38μH and 12μH.Find the frequency of oscillations and feedback factor β?

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