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Colpitts Oscillator


  1. Construct a Colpitt’s Oscillator having the frequency 2000 Hz and amplitude 6 V (using the power source 12 V)
  2. Calculate the frequency of the Colpit’s Oscillator if L=5µH and C1=C2=5nF.
  3. Design a Colpitt’s Oscillator having frequency 1000kHz and amplitude 5V (Power source 12V).
  4. In a Colpitt's oscillator, the value of the capacitor in the tuned circuit is 50pF and 100pF and thesections of coil have inductances 12μH.Find the frequency of oscillations and feedback factor β?
  5. A Colpitts oscillator circuit has C1=C2=100μF.The frequency of oscillations required is 50kHz.Calculate value of the Inductance required.

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