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Astable multivibrator



1. Determine the time period and duty cycle of an astable multivibrator by selecting Vcc=9V, R1 = R2 = 1KΩ and C1=C2=10μF.

2. Compare the values of duty cycle of an astable multivibrator when the capacitance value changes from 1μF to 10μF. Choose Vcc=12V and Resistors R1= R2=10KΩ.

3. Determine the frequency of astable multivibrator with a power supply of 10V ?. Use 5μF capacitor and 20KΩ for R1and 30KΩ for R2.

4. Draw the output wave form of an astable multivibrator ?. Use Vcc=12V, C1=1μF and C2=5μF, R1=20KΩ and R2=15KΩ.

5. Calculate the time period, frequency and duty cycle by drawing the output waveform of astable multivibrator by selecting the component values respectively ?.Vcc=9V, C1=5μF, C2=10μF, R1= 30KΩ and R2= 50KΩ.

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