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Spectrometer i-i' curve




To determine the angle of emergence i' for varours angle of incidence i and to draw the i-i' curve.




Spectrometer, equilateral prism, sodium light etc.




The graph connecting the angles i and i' is shown in fig(1). The bisector, meets the curve at P.  At the point P, i and i' are equal.

OB = OC = i

The angle of deviation s is given by


Where A is teh angle of the prism.

When  i =i' , the deviation is minimum (D).





The regractive index of the prism,




 Where θ2 is difference between the reflected ray and direct ray.


Spectrometer i-i' curve


A graph is drawn with angle of incidence i along X-axis and the angle of emergence i' along Y-axis. The graph is a rectangular parabola. from it, angle of incidence corresponding to minimum deviation is calculated.

                                                                                                                       Fig: 1




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