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Characteristics of Zener diode


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Simulator link: https://vlab.amrita.edu/repo/PHY/EMM/zener_diode/ZenerDiode.swf




Insert Key Button:This is used to insert key on the switch connected with battery. This key is only activated when the connection is perfect.

Choose Zener Diode: This combo box is used to select different zener diodes having different zener voltage

Series Resistance: Value of the Series Resistance can be directly input here.



Rheostat value: Rheostat can be controlled by using this slider

Load Resistance: Value of load resistance can be set or change by using this slider



Reset Button: To reset all the connections




Using the circuit diagram, identify the connections in the given platform. Connections are made as shown in the below diagram.


How to make connections in simulation ?


Click one end node of the battery and drag to the next position, where we want to connect the wire. Just like shown in the figures below:


                                            (a)                                                         (b)                                                      (c) 

 Like this, make all the connections are perfect.


Full connection diagram 



 If the connections are correct, Insert Key option activated



Note: This is an ideal circuit. For a real circuit, there will be small variations in output voltage with varying input voltage or load resistance.


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