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Characteristics of Zener diode



1.  Study the variation of current flowing through the zener diode for different voltage.

2.  Calculate the main current I, zener current IZ and load current IL in the following circuit. If the supply voltage is increased to 60 volt. What would be the above values?

3. Consider 5.6 volt zener diode is used in the figure (2) Find the current through Series resistance (RS), Zener diode and Load resistance (RL). find the zener current and maximum power rating of the circuit?


4. Calculate voltage across Rs and RL , and current passing through IRS, IZ, IRL for the power supply of 10 volt (Zener voltage is 7.5 V, Load Resistance 5 kohm).

5. A zener diode along with a series resistance is connected across an 18 volt supply. calculate the minimum value of resistance required if the maximum zener current is 100 mA. ? 


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