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Elastic and Inelastic Collision




1.Two balls of mass 5 kg each moving in opposite directions with equal speed say 10 m/s collide head on with each other. Predict the outcome of the collision assuming it to be


  1. Perfectly elastic
  2. Perfectly inelastic.


 2. A girl , mass 70.0 Kg is running 3 m/s east when she jumps onto  a stationary skateboard , mass 2 Kg. What is the velocity of the girl and skateboard assuming they moveoff together ?


3.A toy truck with mass 20 Kg, travels along a level table top at .50m/s. A miniature car, with mass 5.00 g , speeds headlong towards the toy truck at .75 m/s. Immediately after collision, toy truck continues its original direction at 0.10 m/s. What is the velocity of the miniature car?

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