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Projectile Motion




  1. A brick is thrown upward from the top of a building at an angle of 250 to the horizontal and with an initial speed of 15 m/s. If the brick is flight for 3 s, how tall is the building?

  2. A fire man 50 m away from the burning building direct a stream of water from the ground level fire hose at an angle of 300 above the horizontal. If the speed of the stream as it leaves the hose is 40 m/s, at what height will the stream of water hits the building?

  3. A stone is projected with a velocity of 5 m/s making an angle 500 with the vertical.
    • Is there any other angle of projection in the X-Y plane having the same range?
    • Calculate the range of the projectile.
    • Draw the trajectory of the projectile.
    • What happens to the time of flight and horizontal range if the motion is performed in moon?

  4. A boy wants to throw a ball through the window of his house to his friend across the street 80 m wide. The window of the boy’s house is 10 m below the window of his friend’s house. How should he throw the ball?

  5. Prove that the gun will shoot three times as high when its angle of elevation is 600 as when it is 300, but covers the same horizontal range.



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