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Newton's Second Law of Motion




  1. A cart of mass 50g, hanging weight 5g are attached as shown in the simulator, the coefficient of friction is 0.002. What is the accerelation of the cart and when an additional 5g is added to hanging weight what happens to its acceleration?
  2. Set the pointer distance on the simulator to 75cm. The masses of the cart and hanging weight should both be equal to 10g. The coefficient of friction is set to 0.002. Calculate the time it will take the cart to reach 75cm.
  3. Using simulator add 10g mass to hanging weight and adjust the mass of the cart to 20g. The co efficient of friction is 0.004. Calculate the time interval to cover 70cm distance by the cart.
  4. Draw a graph connecting the time  taken and distance travelled by the cart whose mass is 30 g and hanging weight is 25g. The co effficient of friction is 0.003.
  5. A cart of mass 40g, hanging weight 10g is attached and coefficient of friction is adjusted to 0.001. What is the distance covered by the cart in 1 sec?

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