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Parallel LCR Circuits




1. A parallel RLC circuit consist of a 68 Ω resistor , 0.001µF capacitor and a 10 mH inductor with a 5 V,1KHz supply. Calculate the branch  currents. 


2. A parallel LCR circuit consist of a 68 Ω resistor,4.5 H inductor and a 0.015µF capacitor with a 3V,3.3KHz supply. Calculate the branch current and supply current . 


3. A 230 mHz inductor is connected in parallel with an 8µF capacitor and a 330Ω resistor. Supply is 10 V with a frequency of 100 Hz. Calculate the branch current, supply current and the phase angle of the supply current. 


4. Design a parallel LCR circuit using a resistor of 1 pΩ, an inductor of 100 mH and a capacitor of 10 µF.Calculate the frequency of the circuit at which current is minimum. Verify the obtained frequency with the experimentally obtained value.


5. Design a parallel LCR circuit using 68 Ω resistor, 0.001µF capacitor and 100 mH inductor. Find out the frequency at resonance.

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