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Series LC Circuits




1. One circuit uses 1µF capacitor and 10µHenry inductance connected in series. If the frequency of the applied power source is 110 Hz, what will be the total impedance offered by this L and C?


2. Construct a series LC circuit with 1µFarad capacitor , 1 Henry inductor and AC power source of 50 V. vary the power source frequency from 10 to 200 by the interval of 10 and plot the graph of frequency vs current through the circuit.


3. In a series LC circuit, if two terminals of the capacitor is short out, what will be the effect of total current through the circuit and voltage drop across capacitor and inductor?


4. A radio can tune over the frequency range of a portion of MW broadcast band (800 KHz to 1200 KHz). If its LC circuit has an effective inductance of 200µH, what must be the range of its variable capacitor ?


5. A radio transmitter transmits a signal of 1MHz range. Discuss five possible selections of capacitor and inductor for capture this signals.


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