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Series RC Circuits



1. A circuit containing a resistor of 20 ohms in series with a 100 µF capacitor connected to a 220 V, 50 Hz supply. Determine the current and its phase w.r.to the E.M.F.


2. Construct a series RC circuit with 25 Ω resistor, 1µF capacitor and AC power source of 50 Volt. Vary the frequency of the power source, observe the variation of current through the circuit and plot graph between frequency Vs current.


3. In a RC circuit , 12 Vrm is measured across the resistance, 15 Vrms measured across the capacitor. What is the value of RMS source voltage?


4. A resistance and capacitor are in a series across 20V AC source. Calculate the circuit impedance, Vrms, total current, phase angle, voltage across each component.

5. A 25 Ω resistor and capacitor with a capacitive reactance of 120 Ω are in series across the an AC source. What will be the circuit impedance ?

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