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Calorimetry -Heat of Neutralization





  1.  The heat flow rate of calorimeter can be directly related to the heat capacity and temperature change. Discuss.
  1. What is the difference between heat capacity and specific heat ? Discuss.
  1. You added Hydrogen chloride and Sodium hydroxide together in a beaker. As a chemist, explain the reaction taking place in that system.
  1.  A solution formed by combining 10 mL of solution A and 40 mL of solution B. Find out the heat of reaction by assuming that no heat is lost to the calorimeter, if the initial and final temperature of the system is 20.4 and 28.5 0 C respectively. Specific heat of a solution is 4.184 J/g 0 C and density is 1.6 g/mL.
  1.  How will you determine the heat of neutralisation of Calorimeter? Discuss.


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