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Gravimetric Estimation of Barium




1. Gravimetric analysis measures the ------ of a material formed in the reaction of the analyte with the reagent.


a. Mass
b. Density
c. Volume


2. -----is a type of co-precipitation in which impurities are trapped within the growing crystal.


a. Nucleation
b. Occlusion
c. Crystallization


3. Sometimes a precipitate standing in contact with the mother liquor becomes contaminated by the precipitation of an impurity on top of the desired precipitate. This phenomenon is called ---------


a. Co-precipitation
b. Post precipitation
c. Digestion


4. A colloid is solid made up of particles having diameters less than ------ cm




5. ....... is a process in which a minimum no. of atoms, ions or molecules join together to give a stable solid


a. Nucleation
b. Occlusion
c. Adsorption



1(a), 2(b), 3(b), 4(b), 5(a)


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