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Cell Organization and Sub Cellular Structure Studies (Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic)


Instructors Assignment


    The animation is instructive content for preparing lab class slides. Instructors may choose to use the interactive version in class before detailing the procedure of simple staining.


    Ask the student to write-down every step in his notebook and detail his observations.


Student Assignment


  1. What other structure can you observe through light microscopy? Is there any specific staining technique used for this purpose?
  2. Observe various cultures of bacteria and describe their morphology? Classify these organisms on the basis of their shape.
  3.  How will Escherichia coli appear on gram staining?
  4.  If you are given two samples one a culture of Bacillus subtilis and other a culture of Pseudomonas, which staining technique will you choose identify these bacteria if you know their morphology, cell wall property and endospore producing capability?



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