Cell biology Virtual Lab II

Cell biology is an exciting and dynamic area that helps discover the fascinating world of cells. It includes the study of the structure and organization, growth, regulation, movements and interaction of the cells. Cell biology is closely related to other areas of biology such as genetics, molecular biology, and biochemistry.

Lignin Staining
To stain lignin of the plant section and observe under the microscope.
Hemocytometer (Counting of Cells)
To determine the concentration of cells in a given sample.
Maintenance of Mamallian Cell Lines
To carry out resuscitation and maintenance of mammalian cell lines. "Mammalian cell culture" refers to the cells of a mammals, isolated from specific tissues (i.e. skin, liver, glands, etc.) and further cultivated and reproduced in an artificial
Cell Attachment
To check the affinity of ligands to cells.
Cell Migration
To study the action of migration- promoting or chemotactic agents on cell migration.
Actin Assembly
To visualize actin filament assembly which is critical for eukaryotic cell motility.
Mitosis in Onion Root Tips
To understand the process and different stages of mitosis and to visualize different phases of mitosis.
Cell Proliferation
Determine the cell growth, action of drug, cytotoxic agents and screening other biological compounds.
Toxicity studies in Zebrafish
To study the toxicity of compounds using zebrafish embryo.
Primary Cell Culture
To establish and maintains of primary cell culture of chick embryo and zebra fish embryo.

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