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Hemocytometer (Counting of Cells)
1)Live cells or tissues with intact -------- are not coloured 

2)The total area of a hemocytometer chamber is ----------

3)Trypan blue is commonly used in ---------- for cell counting 

4)A 1:10 dilution is made on a cell sample. Four squares of the hemocytometer are counted and a total of 450 cells are recorded. What is the original cell concentration per milliliter?

5)In a hemocytometer, how many 0.0625 mm2 squares are there in one chamber with an area of 1 mm2 ?

6)Hemocytometer was invented by -----------.

7)The central square of hemocytometer is divided into-------- number of squares. 

8)Find the percentage of viable cells, if there is a total of 150 cells including 120 unstained cells. 


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