Ecology Virtual Lab

Ecosystems are a complex and delicate balancing game.Ecosystems have an extremely complex web of cause and effect. The addition or removal of one species affects many other species with which it might compete for,or provide food.

Determination of pH of Waste Water Sample
To determine the pH of waste water collected from different water sources
Biological Oxygen Demand
To determine the amount of dissolved oxygen present in the waste water samples.
Chemical Oxygen Demand of Waste water
To determine the chemical oxygen demand of the unknown water sample
Nitrogen Cycle
To study how the nitrogen is converted into various chemical forms by biological and physical processes.
A Brief Introduction to Species Interactions in Ecology
To study the importance of species interactions and its effects on the ecosystem.
Bacterial Population Growth
To study the pattern of bacterial growth
Population Invasion - A Threat to Ecosystem
In this experiment, the invasion of pest population and its impacts in ecosystem is discussed using case studies. Also the concept of "spread of pest population" is explained using a mathematical simulator
Study of Foraging of Organisms in the Ecosystem
To learn the foraging ecology which encompasses all the behaviors that go with obtaining resources.This experiment describes the behavior of a sit-and-wait (ambush) predator whose optimal foraging strategy to maximize the energy gain.
Case Studies on Ecology
This lab discuss about some case studies of ecological functions and interactions in the ecosystem.

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