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A Brief Introduction to Species Interactions in Ecology




  1. Consider an example of a predator-prey ecosystem you are familiar with, and analyze the impact of the population of both predator and prey in balancing the equilibrium. Graphically explain the Predator-Prey cycle.
  2. The limiting resources in the ecosystem play a major role in species interactions. Discuss your answer with some common examples that you found in the ecosystem.
  3. Taking the snowshoe hare-Canadian lynx relationship, discuss the oscillatory behavior of the Lotka-Volterra model.
  4. Ecological interactions are mutually beneficial, or mutually detrimental or neutral. Discuss your answer.
  5. Calculate the prey and predator population from the given set of values

                    [Initial Rat population = 4500, Initial Snake Population = 600,  Number of steps = 50, Step run = 10]



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