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Bacterial Population Growth




In this lab the exponential growth rate of bacteria are explained using mathematical simulator. The steps for working out the simulator are discussed in the following sections.



  1. While clicking the “Simulator “tab one will get a page as shown below.




2. The continuous and Discrete growth model icons are seen in the simulator window. User can select the “growth model” (continuous or discrete) from it. In this example, continuous growth model is selected.




  1. On clicking continuous growth models, some parameters are displayed 




  1. In the growth model tab, the “Time(T)” can be used to enter the generation time of bacteria being studied. Number of step (Ns) tab can be used to enter the number of generation after which one want to know the bacterial population. The intial population tab (N0) can be used to enter the initial number of bacteria and rate of growth(R) can be used to enter the growth rate of bacteria.



  1. If the user want to know the population growth at a particular step, Enter the number of steps on the “ Go to step” tab.


  1. If the user want to know the population growth on the time which enter on the “Time” tab , click on “Step run”


  1. If the user want to know the population growth in each generation, click on “run iteration”




  1. The number of bacteria in the generation which one wants to know will appear on the screen.



  1. The user need a graphical representation of the population growth, click on the “Data Plots”



  1. The graph will plot as shown




For example:


If the initial amount of bacteria are 5 growing at a rate of 0.20. Find out the total number of bacteria in the 4th generation after 20 minutes?


To calculate the population growth of bacteria, one should apply the provided parameters in the specific boxes in the simulation tab.


 [Initial population of bacteria = 5, Rate of growth = 0.20, time = 20 min, Number of steps = 4]



  • The bacterial population is like this,




  • To know the time, number of generation and total number of population click on “statistics”




  •   To know the growth curve of bacteria, click on “data plots”. The bacterial growth curve is like this


  • To know the number of  population of bacteria  anat a particular time, place the arrow curser on the corresponding x,y coordinate.




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