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Motor unit firing pattern





  •     The web-based platform allows the user to generate Motor unit firing patterns using Adex Model.
  •     The modeled stimulator has radio buttons to change different parameters for generating spiking neurons.





  • User can change the parameters like membrane capacitance (C), the leak conductance (gl), the threshold (vt), the adaptation time constant(tw), the adaptation coupling parameter (a), Input current (I), Time (T), the leak reversal potential (el), the adaptation current (del), Voltage Reset (Vr), the spike triggered adaptation(b).
  • The web-based platform can generate different firing patterns of motor units like fast spiking(fs) and regular-spiking (rs).
  •  After providing the parameters, user can run the simulation and can visualize different patterns of motor units.





  • Bursting of neurons by Adex model generate spike patterns with voltage as a function of time on horizontal axis and adaptation variable on vertical axis.





  • User can also visualize different voltage values of spiked neurons by clicking mouse cursor on the simulator.







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