Bioinformatics and Data Science in Biotechnology

This lab is a connection of bioinformatics experiments performed using R programming. Educating this will allow users to learn how to use R as an open source language for learning bioinformatics data processing. Specifically, this lab will help analyse biological sequence data using simple R code snippets.

Writing and Reading Sequence Data in R
This lab focuses on how to read and write data sequence using R programming.
Reading FASTA using SequinR
This lab focuses on teaching how to read and write FASTA formatted biological sequences in R
Pairwise sequence alignment of Protein or DNA sequences
To identify homologous biological sequences using pairwise sequence alignment in R
Querying NCBI database in R
This lab focuses on retrieving sequence data from NCBI using R
UniProt Protein Sequence Retrieval in R
This lab aims to provide basics of protein sequence databases and to understand how to retrieve sequence data from UniProt database using R programming
Guanine-Cytosine Content Analysis and Basics of DNA Sequence Statistics
This lab focuses to statistically find out guanine-cytosine (GC) content in a DNA sequence using R programming

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