Bioinformatics and Data Science in Biotechnology

This lab is a connection of bioinformatics experiments performed using R programming. Educating this will allow users to learn how to use R as an open source language for learning bioinformatics data processing. Specifically, this lab will help analyse biological sequence data using simple R code snippets.

Writing and Reading Sequence Data in R
This lab focuses on how to read and write data sequence using R programming.
Reading FASTA using SequinR
This lab focuses on teaching how to read and write FASTA formatted biological sequences in R
Pairwise sequence alignment of Protein or DNA sequences
To identify homologous biological sequences using pairwise sequence alignment in R
Querying NCBI database in R
This lab focuses on retrieving sequence data from NCBI using R
UniProt Protein Sequence Retrieval in R
This lab aims to provide basics of protein sequence databases and to understand how to retrieve sequence data from UniProt database using R programming
Guanine-Cytosine Content Analysis and Basics of DNA Sequence Statistics
This lab focuses to statistically find out guanine-cytosine (GC) content in a DNA sequence using R programming
Calculating Genetic Distances from Protein Sequences
This lab focuses to study functional and structural similarities, conserved sequence homologies and evolutionary relationships among different protein sequences
Computing Scoring Matrices for Amino acids and Long pairwise Alignment in R
The lab focuses to learn functional, structural and evolutionary relationships between different aminoacids sequences with scoring matrices.
Retrieving a list of sequences from UniProt
The lab focuses in retrieving protein sequence data and studying functional and evolutionary relationships between the sequences.
DNA Sequence Analysis and Determining DNA Open Reading Frames
This lab focuses to determine Open Reading Frame (ORF) of a nucleotide sequence using R programming to find gene location in a DNA sequence.
Gene finding: Finding Start and Stop codons using R
The lab focuses to learn the basics of genetic codes in translation and to find start codon and stop codon from a nucleotide sequence using R programming.
Differential Expression Analyses of RNA-seq
This lab focuses on understanding basics of RNA sequencing.

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