Biochemistry Virtual Lab I

Biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes in living organisms. It deals with the structures and functions of cellular components such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids and other biomolecules. The experiments included in Biochemistry Virtual Lab I are fundamental in nature, dealing with the identification and classification of various carbohydrates, acid-base titrations of amino acids, isolation of proteins from their natural sources, etc.

Qualitative Analysis of Carbohydrates
To analyse qualitatively the presence of different types of carbohydrates in an unknown sample based on specific reactions.
Isoelectric Precipitation of Proteins: Casein from Milk
To perform the isoelectric precipitation of casein present in milk.
Quantitative Estimation of Amino Acids by Ninhydrin
To estimate the amount of amino acid in the unknown sample.
Separation of Amino Acids by Thin Layer Chromatography
To separate and identify the amino acids in a mixture by thin layer chromatography
Estimation of Saponification Value of Fats/Oils.
To determine the saponification value of the oils
Detection of Adulteration in Milk
To detect various adulterants present in milk using specific biochemical tests.
Qualitative Analysis of Amino Acid
To identify the Amino Acid in the given solution.
Estimation of Iodine Value of Fats and Oils
To determine the iodine value of fats and oils and thus estimate the unsaturation of the fat /oil.
Titration Curves of Aminoacids
To study the acidic and basic properties of amino acids by plotting its titration curve and determine pKa values to recognize the unknown amino acid
Estimation of blood glucose by Glucose oxidase method
To estimate the blood glucose level by glucose oxidase method

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