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Detection of Adulteration in Milk
1)The reaction between methylene blue and microorganism present in milk is:

2)The presence of salicylic acid is indicated by the formation of 

3)Why does the color change to pink when phenolphthalein indicator is added to milk? 

4)What does it indicate when color of the milk is changed from blue to white immediately after incubation?

5)Milk is adulterated with acid for:

6)Lactometer reading of milk can be increased by adding: 

7)Presence of microorganism in milk indicates: 

8)The sugar present in milk is:

9)Presence of salicylic acid in the milk:

10)While doing the test for ammonium sulphate, a student observed the development of pink color in the milk. What can you infer from this result?


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