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Estimation of blood glucose by Glucose oxidase method





  •  A person is suspected with diabetes mellitus. He checks his blood glucose level by gluceose oxidase method. After the experiment, OD of his blood sample was obtained as 0.08. Based on the glucose standard curve seen in the virtual lab, calculate his blood glucose level. Is he had diabetes mellitus? (Note: Normal blood glucose level in our body is 70-110mg/dl).


  •  Find out the role and chemical reactions of the following reagents in the blood glucose level determination by glucose oxidase method.



                             a)     Sodium sulphate – Zinc sulphate solution



                             b )     Glucose oxidase reagent


                             c)      Peroxidase


  •  A person did estimation of blood glucose level by glucose oxidase method by referring the virtual lab procedure. But he forgot to add ortho -  toluidine reagent during glucose oxidase reagent preparation.


                             a)     What is the observation of the result?


                             b)    Suggest three other chemicals used in place of ortho -  toluidine?




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