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Separation of Amino Acids by Thin Layer Chromatography




  1.  Perform the Thin layer chromatographic experiment with different mobile phases and report the Rf value of the amino acids.
  2. Calculate the Rf value if a solute travelled 5 cm from the base spot and the solvent front is 10 cm from the origin?
  3. In a TLC experiment using a 70:30 mixture of Petroleum ether and ethyl acetate,  a student noted the development of  spots  in the origin  also, what can you suggest about this observation?
  4. A student performed TLC experiment to find out the unknown compound C which was obtained during a Column Chromatogarphy, she  analyzed the compound  using two different solvent mixtures. Three standard compounds, X, Y, and Z, were used. The Rf values she obtained are  given below. Which out of the three will be compound C?  Justify your answer. 




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