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Harvesting a Prey Population




1) Imagine you are a natural resource manager faced with the objective of maximizing the value form the resource over some time frame.  The only parameter you have to play with is the harvest rate (what % of the population will be harvested each year). 


2) Suppose there is a population that grows 10% each year in the absence of any harvest, and there is no density dependence in population growth.  Further suppose that the population is presently depleted from harvesting, and you seek to evaluate how long it will take for the population to double its present size under a variety of different harvest rates.


3) Which fishing strategy permits a higher average harvesting rate can be maintained: seasonal harvesting, or constant harvesting?


4) Change the value of harvesting rate (h) to 0.5 and observe the result. Likewise, change the value of harvesting rate (h) to 0.08 and observe the result.


5) Study the effect of theta value on harvesting using different value of theta. Note down your observations.


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