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Parenteral Injections
1)For_________ injections, the site usually chosen is the loose skin between the shoulder blades

2)Which method of parenteral injections would you suggest to Dr. Ivan if he wants to study the action of the agent specifically on cells of lymphoid origin 

3)A properly performed _______ injection will result in a small, round skin welt 

4)Intraperitonial injections are the most commonly used method for injection of suspended agents 

5)For the production of T cell lines and clones in mice which type of parental injection is used: 

6)Before giving injection to mice, the skin should be disinfected using which type of alcohol : 

7)Which type of injection is an alternative to intramuscular injection in the mouse 

8)For the administration of drug to the mouse which type of parental injection is used: 

9)How much volume of injection is given to the mouse in case of intravenous injection? 

10)Which part of the mouse is suitable for giving intravenous injection: 


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